Nike Thermasphere

Client: Nike
Role: Art Direction, Design  
Agency: Team Epiphany

Convey the benefits of winter gear in the summer

In launching its Cold Weather Collection, Nike’s Communications team faced a two-pronged challenge,

1. Educate about thermoregulation as the driving force behind the products
2. Create buzz around their new collection meant for training outdoors in cold weather without piling on layers


Thermoregulation is our body’s response to maintain its core internal temperature at 98.6 degrees when the external temperature changes.  Nike Cold-Weather Collection was designed to minimize the effort needed for thermoregulation during workouts. In order to communicate the effectiveness of the gear meant for cold-weather training in the mid-summer, we visualized the science of thermoregulation through multi-sensory digital media, and created a below-freezing gym to test out the products in the intended environment.

Visual Temperature Change
Entry Sequence

Heat-reactive invites were the first “touch point” that communicated the idea of thermoregulation. Packaged in insulated mailer on ice and printed with heat-responsive liquid crystal, it changed its color when touched.  Graphical representations of thermoregulation continued once guests arrived at the venue. The guests first walked into a museum-like space to read about thermoregulation and watched color-changing light sculpture. In the Heat Vision Hallway equipped with a thermal camera, guests saw their silhouettes projected in heat maps.

Modular and Breathable
Product Displays

Due to its versatile geometry, the hexagon make up the innovative fabric nodes in the Therma-Sphere Max Jacket. The shape is also the base of the ice molecule. We designed the modular product displays using modified hexagons as the overall framework achieving cohesion throughout varying product. To express this key feature of breathability, product displays utilized perforated metal as the primary material.

Ice Mountain
Cold Weather Workout

After changing into the workout gear, guests entered into the Cold-Weather Gym.  With the industrial cooling systems and a velour fabric ceiling to trap the cold air, the temperature was brought down to a below freezing temperature, so as to best demonstrate the thermoregulating properties of the product.  To further express the cold-weather messaging, we built a three-dimensional surface resembling a glacier and projection-mapped animations synced with the workout movements. These animations featured alpine and winter imagery with stylized graphics as well as editorial Nike footage.


Event Marketer Experience Design Award 2015: Best Overall Consumer Event Environment Winner

Clio Fashion-Beauty 2016: Silver

BizBash Event Style Award 2016: Best Product Launch Winner

Photography by Dorothy Hong