Nike Brahaus
Client: Nike
Role: Creative Direction, Art Direction, Design  
Agency: Team Epiphany
Let’s make bra fitting fun and shareable,
even inside the fitting room.

For the Fall 2016 launch of Nike Pro Bra collection, Nike tasked Team Epiphany to create a share-worthy showcase of Nike Pro Bra collection and inviting bra-fitting experience at the athleisure boutique BANDIER. As the design lead and a sole designer, my role was to ideate spatial concepts with the team, design and iterate the overall retail environment, and finally supervise fabrication and install — all within a tight timeline of 3 weeks. 

Image: Nike

Confidence for both bra fitting and social sharing.

To understand how we could distort the traditional bra fitting, I asked women at random what they thought of bra fitting and observed the bra shopping journey. This process revealed several issues: girls are self-conscious about their body image; claustrophobic fitting rooms don't help the stress; and bra presentations are mundane and standardized. And yet, the brand wanted to see their consumers taking selfies, even inside the fitting rooms wearing their Nike Pro Bras.

I visually studied popular occasions our target demographic posted on Instagram and filtered them down to 3 behaviors that were relevant to bra fitting observations.  Our girls share when they feel confident. Our girls share in immersive patterns.  Our girls share trend colors like millennial pink and iridescent.  Based on these insights, 3 core design directions. 

Surround with confidence-boosting visuals.

Immersive Patterns:
Create fitting rooms that feel spacious and otherworldly,
and product display in an immersive pattern.

Trend Materials: 
Position Nike Pro Bras as an in-vogue
must have by displaying with trending materials.


In the two-part consumer journey, girls received a bra fitting, and customized the fitted bra with calligraphy art by artist Baron Von Fancy.  To convey positive concepts of “inclusivity” and “diversity,” we used combination of materials such as iridescent + wood + mirror + hot lava + nude, as well as gradient of “blush” hues from hot lava to nude. From the simple and bold window display, to the installation of Baron Von Fancy’s quotes and the Nike Pro Bras, girls were compelled to pose in front and be proud of the campaign.

Bra Fitting Concierge

“Girls don’t like to take pictures of themselves in their bras.”  We debunked that preconception by creating a 360-degree infinity mirror fitting room. Seeing themselves through diamond-like kaleidoscopic reflections under pink lighting, many guests shared pictures of themselves in their Nike Pro Bras on social media. The fitting room was also designed with the physical comfort of the bra fitting experience. On the limited footprint of the second floor, each 5-ft square fitting room felt spacious due to the infinity mirror effect and perforated corners on all 4 sides.  In the waiting lounge, consumers learned about the unique performances of each bra through the exhibit, while relaxing in the soft white orb lighting, blush pink walls, plants, and comfortable couches.

Sketches and Renderings

Photography by Dorothy Hong