Nike Believe In More

Client: Nike 
Role: Creative Direction, Art Direction, Design
Agency: Team Epiphany

Retail Narrative of Sport and Expression 

To transport shoppers into Believe In More campaign in an athleisure boutique BANDIER, I led the team of 3 designers to design a retail environment that encouraged visitors to explore sport as an expression. Over the course of 5 weeks, we developed the design from initial concept to install.

Image: Nike

Strength vs. Vulnerability

What environment would FKA twigs’s tribe exist in?  With the theme of sports as expression, the campaign featured the athletic tights styled with surreal, mystical twist. Written poetically as her music, the messaging was all about the duality of being strong and vulnerable. To express the essence of the campaign, our design became informed by juxtaposition of earth-tone materials, lighting, and structural geometry.  To create environments that both framed products and encouraged visitors to feel the “movement”, archways became the structural motif throughout.  Referencing ancient ruins of Mexico City where the campaign was filmed, we also drew inspirations from landmarks like Las Pozas and Grutas Tolantongo.  


Window Display


Main Product Display

Hall of Arches

Fitting Rooms

Sketches and Renderings

Initial Sketches

Window Display: Street View

Carousel: View from Entrance

Carousel: View from above

Fitting Rooms: Front View

Fitting Rooms: Center View

Fitting Rooms: Axon/ Flow

Photography by Dorothy Hong