Moët x Marcelo Burlon 
Client: Moët & Chandon
Role: Art Direction, Design  
Agency: Team Epiphany

Tiger Lounge

To showcase “Tiger Collection,” the limited-edition bottle of Moët Nectar Impérial Rosé by Marcelo Burlon, I led the design of the lounge environment over the course of 6 weeks from design concept to execution.

Jungle of Opulence  

Moët Nectar Impérial Rosé is a French champagne from the luxury brand empire LVMH. Marcelo Burlon is a Milan-based designer known for applying his bold graphic print onto his apparel, most notably his symmetrical use of jungle motifs. To expand the marriage of the two aesthetics into a grand experience, we held the exclusive event at Cipriani Wall Street, built geometric high-contrast scenic elements in rose gold and black, projected jungle motifs onto marble surfaces, and composed the space symmetrically.


Upon entry through the veil of tropical vines, guests encountered the tiger face with a neon sign spelling out #MoetxMarcelo.

Photo Booth

In the photo booth, guests took photos with the bottle amidst the gridded pattern of the tiger artwork.

Product Display

Framed in niches under the ghosted tiger graphic, the special bottles were displayed with prestige.

DJ Booth and Bars

Custom-designed DJ booth and bars were formed utilizing various expressions of Marcelo Burlon’s County of Milan crest.

Initial Design

Initially, we’d imagined a labrynth-like entry sequence, that allows guests to wander through a long jungle passage and encounter the 3 mysterious doors to choose from. Each door led to a distinct photo booth, which opened out into the main event space. Due to the constraints of venue, budget, and entry line management, we moved onto another direction.

Final Design

Instead we leveraged the architecture of the beautiful venue Cipriani Wall Street by creating a journey of discovery.

Photography by Dorothy Hong