HBO Insecure Block Party
Client: HBO
Role: Art Direction + Design Lead
Agency: Team Epiphany
Insecure Community In Real Life

For the premiere of HBO Insecure Season 2, Team Epiphany conceptualized and threw a party on the creator Issa Rae’s studio block, in the heart of Inglewood, CA, where the show takes place.  As the design lead, I designed the overarching visual identity as well as scenic elements, inspired by architecture and signage of the neighborhood.

Party Flyers

Extracting the three main colors from the key art poster, we designed the graphic system that was used for all scenic elements in the space. To create cohesion across 380 ft long block, we utilized the party flyers to be put up in various forms (flyers stapled to construction boards, wheatpastes, etc.)


The entrance featured the three-dimensional show logo with painted stucco finish.  This architectural branding became a central moment for cast member photos.

Market Stands

Staying true to the DIY nature of typical block parties, we created market stands out of readily available materials such as corrugated roof panels, painted plywood, and dimensional lumber.  To categorize yet bring cohesion to the various Inglewood vendors, we color-coded the stands according to bar (Hella Thirsty, in yellow), food (Hella Hungry, in cyan), and community organization (Hella Inglewood, in pink).

Pop-up Shop

For the giveaways, we took over an empty retail space to create a pop-up shop called Hella SWAG. To blend into the existing storefronts of the block, the Googie-inspired window signage was painted by signpainters.


Stage backdrop was made of hundreds of color xerox papers, stapled onto wallflats, like flyers you would see on neighborhood bulletin boards. 

Photography by Dorothy Hong