Google Murder Mystery 
Client: Google
Role: Creative Direction, Art Direction, Design  
Agency: Team Epiphany
Use Your Google Pixel 2.0 To Solve the Murder Mystery

Upon the launch of Google’s new phone, Google Pixel 2.0, Team Epiphany was tasked to create a radically helpful experience that brings the best of Google Pixel 2.0 to the guests. Emphasizing the brand identity of “acquisition of knowledge meets play”, we wrote, designed, and executed an immersive murder mystery game to be solved utilizing these Google Pixel 2.0 features.  Leading a team of 3 designers, I designed the overall visual narrative that told the story of two mafia families and their wedding gone south.

Set in 1920’s Italian Mafia Wedding

It is the night of a wedding reception between two mob families...except both bride and groom are dead! To find out who did it, the two mob bosses conduct a series of interrogations with the guests throughout the night. In the meantime, the guests — with Google Pixel 2.0 in their hands — snap unlimited pictures of the surrounding and each other to capture clues, decode clues in foreign languages, and search for answers by asking Google.


In styles of wedding invitation for event details and FBI-file for character profile, the physical invite lays the foundation for the game concept and provides inspirations for guests to get into their characters.



Upon arrival, guests are introduced to Maria and Michael’s wedding portrait. Onboarding to the game, they trade in their personal phones for brand new Google Pixel 2.0, customized with their character name on the cover and their game cards loaded into their Google Photos.  By the spiral staircase, guests encounter bride and groom under bloody sheets and rose petals, surrounded by gold-accent furniture, ready for celebratory toast, an appropriate song “For Mama” playing on repeat.

White Room: Pantoliano Family

The theme of this room is vanity. Vincenzo Pantoliano have looked forward to this marriage for his daughter and for himself to ammend his hollow status. Wedding dresses, that Maria never wore, stand ominously in the glowing alcoves.  Empty gold frames and mirrors line up against the walls. All-mirror clad vanity stand amongst various busts of famous figures. The room offers opportunity for guests to test out the Google Pixel 2.0’s ability to capture images in low light with mirrors and frames.

Red Room: Giovanni Family

The theme of this room is pride. Well-travelled Tony Giovanni curates his room with collections of all kinds, such as foreign books, statue, and taxidermy. Enchanted red roses fill up the window nook — a showy gift prepared for the union — under the bloody eyes of an angel statue. Bookshelves are stocked with various foreign books. This room is packed with intricate visuals for Google Pixel 2.0 to capture and even decode.

Reception Lounge

In the lounge where the reception would have taken place if the wedding happened as planned, wedding cake bleeds like the bride and groom, body parts are on display, and love birds are dead in cages. Throughout the night, guests find clues in Italian amongst the haphazardly-stacked chairs.


Entrance Foyer

Murder Scene

White Room for Pantoliano Family

White Room Moment: Wedding Dresses

White Room Moment: Flower Frames

White Room Moment: Vanity

Red Room for Giovanni Family

Red Room Moment: Flower Cove

Red Room Moment: Foreign Books

Red Room Moment: Curiosity Alter

Reception Lounge

Reception Lounge Moment: Wedding Cake

Reception Lounge Moment: Love Birds

Reception Lounge Moment: Chairs

Photography by Dorothy Hong